Saturday, April 18, 2015

Caption This #10!

Alright! Here we go with the next Caption This post! I love it when you participate and it doesn't have to be completely witty, I just love the interaction I get from these so feel free to comment an idea!

The dog in this picture is not mine but a friend who house sits for people took it. Thanks, Amy M!


  1. You never knew I was a dog angel did you

  2. They call me Wonder-Dog! I have the ability to see right through you!! :)

  3. You asked me to leave a comment on your blog when I saw the ones you had left on LARK Writers. Sorry it took me so long to see them. LARK is only one of my four blogs and I admit that I often forget to check for new comments. Faith, one of my fellow authors, or Grace, the moderator, usually are the ones who handle them.

    Here's a caption idea for this picture (though not a very good one) : "I SAID, pay attention to me!!"

  4. Help! I'm being blinded!

  5. "WOW!" The human said.
    "The sun was so bright, I thought I outshine it. Is it working?"
    (Funny evil bark.)

  6. Guess what people? Yup, laser vision!

    These are always so fun Bethany! :)


  7. I told you I am Captain Wonderful!!! Now do you believe me, silly girl???

  8. A sudden flash of light fills the room and the human turns in horror to see their sweet pet with what appears to be a flash of lightning shooting out of it's eyes.
    Dog: "Of course. I knew I would get your attention sooner or later. Did you ever doubt me?
    Human: I'll never doubt you again! Just please, turn it down; you're blinding me!!

  9. Dog: I just had a mind blowing idea.

  10. Where's my welder's helmet? My mother always told me not to look directly at an eclipse.... maybe I'll listen to her the next time. Love Grandma

  11. My bright light will attract the mega gummy worm off the floor so I can eat sweet food and not canned dog food!


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