Monday, June 11, 2018

Smell the Flowers

A few months back I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a local high school retreat/campout with one of my youth groups. The youth group was calling it "Pause," signifying the goal of the weekend was to get away from everyone's hectic lives and take a break to breathe and get some time alone with God. It worked.

The time I spent at Pause gave me an opportunity to take a much needed time of relaxation, and reminded me of the importance of taking time to just rest. In today's culture, everyone is always busy. There's a never-ending list of things to do, places to be, and people to catch up with. Sometimes it feels like you're only falling further behind, and never catching back up. It doesn't take long before you're overwhelmed, exhausted, and feeling like you're failing. It's an easy trap to fall into. And a hard one to climb back out of.

I still haven't found the secret to avoiding this pitfall, but I've found a few things that help. One of my biggest is stop procrastinating when I need to do things, and not keep "finding" distractions. But another thing I've found that helps, is allowing yourself some time to stop and rest. Give yourself a break. As one of the other youth groupers put it, take time to smell the flowers.

It's unbelievable how much it helps to take a few minutes, a couple deep breaths, and calm down. Giving yourself permission to rest is key. Don't worry about everything on your to-do list. Just go outside, enjoy God's beautiful creation, read a book, photograph, journal, do whatever is relaxing to you. Forget the stresses of life—allow yourself to rest. And just breathe.

Recently, my "theme song" has been Jonny Diaz's "Breathe." I'd highly recommend it if anything I've said today resonates with you.

Don't wait until school lets out or you get a break from work. Take time right now, this summer, and through the rest of the year to pause, take a breathe, smile, and thank God for your many blessings. Be refreshed and don't regret the moments you spend. Take time to smell the flowers.


  1. Your so right some times we forget that we can just take a break and doing so is not procrastinating its simpliey enjoying a little time with family friends and God because in the end what's more important? Gods wishes or that of our home work and busy lives? Thanks for always being a light! Great post!

    1. Exactly! The difference comes in when we take too much of a break. We need to find the right balance between resting and working. You're welcome, thank you for your encouragement!

  2. I can't believe fossil hunt isn't on the list of things to do when you take time outside :)
    Thanks for the thoughts. You bless me when you share your heart and the things God is showing you. I'm proud of you. Maybe we can help remind each other to "just breathe" and stop and enjoy Creation.

    1. Leave it to you to notice that wasn't on the list. ;) I'm so glad you enjoy reading what I share. I think it's a great idea to help one another remember those things. Thank you!

  3. Well said, my friend. Needed this! <3

    1. So glad this blessed you, Faith! <3 You're in my thoughts!


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