Arkinland Chronicles

In July of 2016, I started writing my first fantasy novel after becoming frustrated with my historical fiction story, A Pirate's Tale. I'm planning on this new idea turning into a series. As of now, it's working title is "Dragon Chronicles" or "Arkinland Chronicles." It doesn't yet have a book title and I'm in the process of writing the summary. Below are a few stats and some excerpts. Enjoy!

Temporary Series Title: Arkinland Chronicles
Book Title: Unknown
Setting: Fantasy worlds called Arkinland and Wolfin
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Started: July 2016
Length to date: approximately 27,500 words
Target Length: around 90,000 words
Status: temporarily on hold while I write a short story and edit another

~Working Synopsis~

After Michael and his friends unexpectedly sight a dragon over the distant mountains, they are thrown headlong into an adventure filled with danger in a race against time. After being scorned by their townsfolk and determined to discover why the dragons broke the treaty between the neighboring nations of Arkinland and Wolfin, they set out on a journey that may well lead to their deaths.

Joined along the trek by friends and strangers, Michael struggles with who to trust—and who might be trouble. He and his companions know that time is short before the dragons attack Arkinland, and they have to gather information to warn their fellow countrymen of their impending doom while in the midst of a rescue mission. But will they succeed in time? Or will all be lost? Only El-Shaddai, their faithful God and King knows—and He will guide them through their trials.

Groaning, I rolled my head to the side and was rewarded by a sharp stab of pain that woke all my other senses to the rest of my body. Everything hurt. No, everything ached. It was pure torture. I mumbled, unable to form words, trying to see if anyone was in the room. When I received no response, I attempted moving my limbs. Why was I all bandaged? And why was everything causing me pain? I tried again.Ello?”

As the dragon flew toward us, I quickly checked to make sure our whole group was present. I counted everyone present, plus one. Terrin had stayed. I gritted my teeth at the man's insolence, and determined that if the dragon's didn't kill him, I'd make sure I found out the truth about him.
With a mighty flap, the dragon came to rest on the outskirts of camp, towering above the nearby trees. That's when I realized our entire camp was surrounded by the blasted fire-breathers. I groaned. There was no way we could fight off this many. What should we do? We couldn't just surrender after all we'd already come through!


  1. Very nice. But, can't they just train the dragon? (Sorry, I'm a fan of How To Train Your Dragon, though I'm too old to be, and this is my first thought.) Great story line. I think it will do well. You also seem to do well at describing pain. Great job! :)
    (And I was kidding about training the dragon, lol)

    1. Haha, not in this story they can't. They'd be incinerated before coming that close!

      Thank you for your sweet comment! And thanks for saying I do a good job at writing pain. It's my goal to make the reader feel the character's agony. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the blog!


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