Thursday, May 22, 2014

To Ponder and Share.

Recently I studied Blaise Pascal in history and there were a few thing he said that I thought were good. I've listed them here for you to also ponder and reflect on. Feel free to share this with others!

– If I wager that there is a God, and I'm right, then I gain eternity for having believed in Him.

– If I wager that there is a God, and I'm wrong, then I lose nothing for having believed in Him.

– If I wager that there is no God, and I'm right, then I lose nothing for having not believed in Him.

If I wager that there is no God, and I'm wrong, then I lose eternity for having not believed in Him.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear what you think about these in the comments! God bless!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are you a writer. . .?

Here's a fun quiz that I used with permission. Have fun!
You know you're a writer when...

1You see someone on TV who you think looks just like one of your characters.
2 You read a book and are certain that writer ripped you off, somehow.
3 You think of your characters as your friends.
4 You reenact a scene from your story and do the dialogue for all the characters.
5 You watch a movie with your friends and you can't stop saying, "I'm totally using that line in my book."
6 Your mood depends on what's going on in your book.
7 You'd rather write than watch TV.
8You cry while you write a sad scene in your story.
9 You get mad when someone says they think you should make your favorite character die.
10 You get so excited when you're assigned a two week research paper.
11 You dream about your story/stories.
12 You dream about your bad guy character trying to kill you.
13 The kids of your mom's friend go home and ask their mom to rent the movie you were telling them about, when in reality you were just telling them a story.
14 You do hands-on research to figure out how it would feel to be your character in whatever situation you're researching.
15 You model your child character after the kid you babysit.
16 You get mad when your character makes the wrong decision.
17 You can't stand the naughty kids in the books you read, but you love writing those kids to torment your characters.
18 You play your stories.
19You wish you could live in the imaginary world sometimes.
20 When people ask you what your favorite book character is you tell them the one from your own book.
21 You have actually emailed the FBI to ask them questions for your story.
22 You get really excited about research.
23 You borrow tons of books from the library to get inspiration or ideas for scenes in your stories.
24 You rewrite movies/books/TV shows to the way you like them.
25 You sometimes wonder if your characters are controlling the stories, not you. 
26 You own an outfit just like the one your character wears.
27 You write your own commercials for your stories.
28 You find that you can't remember what was from your stories and what was real when you're recalling life events.
29 You actually can't stand to let your favorite bad guy die and you bring him back again...and again and again and again formany sequels.
30 Your friends think you're talking about real people when you're actually talking about your characters.
Grade yourself!
1-5: You like to make up stories a lot but find that it's hard to actually finish something and often you find yourself having to push yourself to sit down and write.
5-10: You enjoy writing and do it in your spare time, though during school you don't usually find the inspiration to write and would rather be doing something else.
10-15: You love to write and try to do it as much as you can, though many times you take several week breaks. When Writer's Block hits you're really stuck.

15-20: You love to write and often start many, many stories that you can't possibly finish, thus frustrating yourself and never actually getting things done except those stories you really put a lot of effort into.

20-25You really love writing and just can't get enough of it- you write something every single day and eighty percent of the time finish what you write, though you do have a lot of abandoned stories or just ideas that someday you may or may not write. You rarely get Writer's Block and have over ten stories finished.
25-29: You LOVE writing so much and are constantly typing up a new idea or story or something and can't stop creating new things. You finish most of what you write and then start something new, often tackling three part series in a matter of weeks. Your biggest problem is jumping from story to story to story, though you do finish most of what you write you often reread what you wrote a month before and then rewrite the whole story.
All 30: You're hooked. You think, breathe and live your stories. Often you have to take a break from writing so you don't mix reality with the imaginary, but your mind is always returning to that one scene or story you were going to write. You are constantly seeing people in stores that look like your characters and suspiciously considering that perhaps they escaped your book.

Comment in the comments and let me know what category you fall into.

Jesseca Dawn and Susan Marlow, thanks for allowing me to use this.