Saturday, October 15, 2016

Where Is the Right to Life?

In school, I wrote the following paragraph as an assignment. After doing so, I decided to share it with you. Maybe you will find that this challenges you, as it did me in writing it.

Whatever happened to the inalienable rights of all men as given in the Declaration of Independence? Where have the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” gone? True, the American citizen possesses these rights, but what of the defenseless? What of those who have no voice? What of them who desire life, but are denied? What of the helpless babe in the womb? What of the pregnant unwed woman who sees no option but abortion? The society of today has made exceptions to the rule granting all humans life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When babies are killed, they lose their liberty and pursuit of happiness as well as their lives. They are discarded as waste, unimportant, and burdensome. Some even use these babies for their own gain. Most call it abortion, but it should be called what it is—murder. It has become lawful to abolish the right to life. Without a voice, babies are helpless to the horrors done to them. Few are standing up for the rights of the unborn. When American citizens refuse to stand up for the rights of babies, then they are giving up the rights that they themselves love without regard to the babies that will never be able to enjoy the experience of their freedoms. Because Americans call these “fetuses” burdensome, they cast them away without a second thought. Who is defending the defenseless? Who is fighting for the freedom of those who have no voice? Who is working boldly toward bringing life to those who so desire, but are denied. Who will help the helpless babe in the womb? Who will stand with the pregnant unwed woman who sees no option but abortion? If even Christians, who have a God-given mandate to stand up for them, will not do so, then how can they expect the nation—and the world—to do what they won't?

This isn't an easy calling. But it is right. Christians need to step out of their comfort zones and enter the pain of the world to come to the defense of those unborn. They are alive, and they need a defender. Will you—will I—take up the call?