Friday, December 19, 2014

Voting Time!

Time for a vote. For those of you who read my emails in your inbox and not on the actual blog page, could you please check out the blog and give me your input on the layout, font, etc? I'm hoping to change the layout four times a year—once for each season, so the next time would be December 21. The input that I am asking for, is for you to rate how you like the layout, font, background, etc. by a 1-5. The one would be like a "I love it; you shouldn't change anything about it!" and a five would be more along the lines of, "I hate it! Change it, quick or I'll have to unsubscribe!" Lol. So, hopefully there will be no fives. But please give your honest input because I really want you all to enjoy it. Points that you could "grade" it on would include: How easily can it be read? Do the colors go well together? Is the theme good? etc. Thank you all very much for your input, the poll will be on the sidebar. It closes at noon on the 21st, so hurry! I should have done this much earlier but we were super busy with Christmas preparations and visiting relatives. When I change it, I will again be asking for your input on the new one. Merry Christmas and thanks!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Caption #6!

Although all of your suggestions were super, Faith Potts took the cake! Carla Martinez, Jesseca Dawn, and Rishona Raub were also super. Thanks, all!
I hope the camera is ready! I can't wait any longer!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


If you're anything like myself, then you already feel like Thanksgiving was ages ago but before we all get too far removed from it, I would like to share a Thanksgiving poem I wrote, and a little about my Thanksgiving.

To start, here is the poem.
If a basket were filled
With all the things I'm thankful for
My basket would be overflowing
And spilling out upon the floor

I'm thankful for a God
Who loves me more than I could know
And a family who loves me
Helping me to spiritually grow

The freedom in my nation
Allows me to worship without fear
And I am deeply grateful to those
Who for it paid a cost so dear

I'm thankful for my country home
Far from noise and city lights
Where day or night I'm never far
From amazing God-breathed sights

I love my precious pets
Which turn our land into a zoo
They make me laugh and smile
They who cluck, baa, meow, and moo

I'm thankful for our little horse
Oh so majestic, tender, and sweet
And when I ride her through the fields
It is always such a treat

Without my family I'd be nothing
They never fail to bring me cheer
Even in the hardest of moments
My family shares in every tear

So as you can see my basket is full
Full of thanks for God, family, and living
May you now go out and count your blessings
Wishing all a happy Thanksgiving

Now for a bit about my Thanksgiving:

Our Praise Jar
For the last few years, my family has been celebrating our Thanksgiving the day before, and on the actual day of Thanksgiving, we deliver meals to shut-ins through a program our nearby town does. After that we go to my grandparents and put up my Grandma's tree the day after Thanksgiving. On our Thanksgiving, well, let's just say that it was fun and interesting. Before I actually go into our day, I should first explain our Thanksgiving tradition. We call it, the Praise Jar. Throughout the year, whenever we see a moment in our life where it was so obvious that God protected, provided, and was with us, we write it down and put it in the jar. So, to start our day, we made hot drinks and sat by the fire while the turkey was in the oven and began reading aloud our praises. It was amazing to see all the times when we thought, “I'll never forget that time” and.
. . we do. This is such an encouraging reminder to observe all the ways that God's hand was watching over us. Once we were done, we took a walk with Dream (our horse) and enjoyed the fresh air. When we returned. . . back to the kitchen! Here is where the first interesting thing occurred. Dad felt like he should check our mail. (Remember, it was the day before Thanksgiving so mail would still come.) When he went to turn on our van, the battery was dead! (Ok, ok. I must admit it was my fault. I left the light on above my seat. Oops!) Since he couldn't use the van yet, he checked the mail with the truck while the van was charging. When he got back, he decided to take the van for a longer drive to make sure that it would hold the charge for the trips we had planned for the following day. Interesting thing number two. Just a few minutes after he left, he returned. “Our sheep is in the road!” (For those of you who don't know, several years back a sheep hopped into our field and has stayed ever since. We had tried to find its owner but never did.) So, just as dinner was about ready, we hopped in the cars and drove down to our lower property to chase the lone sheep into our field while keeping our two cows in! When we got down there, the sheep was back in the field! By this time it was nearly dark. Dad and I walked the fence and repaired the place where she could have gotten out. Oh my, what an afternoon! Once we got back we had a cold Thanksgiving meal but we already had our first praise for the next year as we saw how God was at work and uses even things that could have turned out bad for good.

The next day we went into town and delivered the meals. It was neat to see these people and hear their stories. One senior we had met two years ago while delivering meals and we were able to chat and spend some time with him which was fun. Then we went to my grandparents along the coast and had another Thanksgiving meal with them. Thankfully, this one was much more relaxing than the day before! The day after, we set up Grandma's tree and went to an Italian coffee shop for our traditional, three-generation family picture.

Thanks for reading! How was your Thanksgiving? Do you have any traditions? Did anything exciting happen on your Thanksgiving? I'd love to hear about it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pose, Goose!

This is a Canada Goose.
I just wanted to share a photo taken by a loyal blog reader, Amy. To me this is an amazing photo that really captures God's creativity and beauty that we might just pass right by. This goose is really not unlike all the others, but this picture shows its detail. Anyways, I just thought it was a neat picture and wanted to share it with you all! Thanks so much, Amy for letting me share this!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Caption This #6!

You're all going to have fun with this next picture to caption! Hope your enjoying this! Bet none of you have ever felt this way as is portrayed! LOL!


I'm going to try something today that I really could use some feedback on. I'm going to do two posts and if you will, those who are subscribed, please let me know in a comment if you get one email containing both posts, or if you get two separate ones.  Thank you!

Some of you may remember the post several months back about the Liebster Award. Well, in my answer to the question of "What is your favorite riddle?" I answered with the riddle. . . but not the answer to the riddle. I said that I would later post the answer but completely forgot about it! I was recently reminded about this promise so I'll post it now. Here is the riddle, complete with the answer!

Q: A woman lives on the seventh floor of an apartment building. Every morning she gets in the elevators and goes to the level one, goes to work, but when she comes home, she presses the button for the fifth floor, and then walks up the rest of the stairs to her room. Why doesn't she just hit the seventh story button when she is going home?

A: She is a midget so she can't reach the button for the seventh story in the elevator! 

Sorry about that, Faith! Thanks for reminding me!