Monday, August 18, 2014

Caption This #1!

Hi Everyone!
Recently a blog that I really enjoy has started something that called "Caption This". I asked if I could use the idea and she said yes. It works like this: every other week (maybe a little sooner or later) I post a picture and in the comments, you put what you would caption it! It could be funny, serious, just whatever you want! Then at the end of one week (on average), I will pick my favorite caption and post it with the picture. Then the following week, I will post a different picture. And so on and so forth. I hope that you guys have fun! Just post your caption in the comments and sometime this week I will pick my favorite one!

Here is the first "Caption This" picture!
What is Dream and my sister thinking?


  1. Dream: Why does she want my mouth open?
    Your sister: Wow, That's a lot of teeth!

  2. Dream: Oh, yeah, like I really care if you have the Carrot Stick in your hand. Nope, not gonna back up.
    Sister: Awww come on! Parelli said this should work!!!

  3. Dream: What! I already had my dentist checkup this year!
    Sister:Whoa! That's so cool! I'm going to be a horse dentist!!!

  4. It's a contest between Dream and lil sis. Whoever laughs first loses. Dream is making faces and sister totally lost she's laughing so hard.

    1. Wow. Yeah, little ole me reading these posts for the first time is funny! I think I do remember writing this one.

    2. I always enjoy reading back over everyone's captions too. It always makes me laugh. :)


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