Monday, December 1, 2014


I'm going to try something today that I really could use some feedback on. I'm going to do two posts and if you will, those who are subscribed, please let me know in a comment if you get one email containing both posts, or if you get two separate ones.  Thank you!

Some of you may remember the post several months back about the Liebster Award. Well, in my answer to the question of "What is your favorite riddle?" I answered with the riddle. . . but not the answer to the riddle. I said that I would later post the answer but completely forgot about it! I was recently reminded about this promise so I'll post it now. Here is the riddle, complete with the answer!

Q: A woman lives on the seventh floor of an apartment building. Every morning she gets in the elevators and goes to the level one, goes to work, but when she comes home, she presses the button for the fifth floor, and then walks up the rest of the stairs to her room. Why doesn't she just hit the seventh story button when she is going home?

A: She is a midget so she can't reach the button for the seventh story in the elevator! 

Sorry about that, Faith! Thanks for reminding me!


  1. They are fun! Do you have any good ones?

  2. Hmmm. Here's one :

    Washingtons wife washed the wonderful windows.
    How many W's are there in all?

    A: none. There are 0 W's in the word "all"!!

    1. Great one! My sister didn't get it—my mom did—and I saw the answer before I could guess! Thanks!

  3. Thanks Bethany!

    Railroad crossing. Watch out for the cars. How do you spell that without any "R"s?



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