Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Caption This #3

Ready for another “caption this” contest? I hope that you all have been enjoying this as much as I have! I'm going to give you all a little longer than usual to put your captions in to hopefully get more entries. Here you go...may the contest begin in: 3...2...1...GO!

Yes, that weird flying girl is me a few years back—I do have that strange side to me you know....


  1. Tell me there is a trampoline under me still!!!!!

  2. I'm sorry I didn't enter a caption for your second one. I just couldn't get my creative juices flowing! But I love the one you picked! ....... I'll start thinking on this one. I love your face in it!

  3. It is true, people really can fly!!!

  4. My Caption suggestion:

    "Who turned off the gravity?!?"

  5. Look at me!I'm not touching the ground!

  6. Yay! I love jumping! Is this what flying feels like?

  7. Bethany's Little SisterSeptember 26, 2014 at 5:57 PM

    I didn't mean to jump into outer space! It took the breath out of me!

  8. Yikes! That really was a live hot wire! Grandma


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