Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Caption This #4!

Alrighty! Hope you all enjoy this one too! No, this photo has not been edited. The dog is my friend's Giant Schnauzer! Thanks for playing, all!


  1. Dog: "I is giant bear. I is going to eat you!"
    Girl: "Aww, isn't he the sweetest thing???"

  2. Dog says "Are you sure I can't help you chew your food?"

  3. My caption:

    So, you're telling me I nibbled from the wrong side of the mushroom?

  4. Don't worry I won't tell, that's kind of funny!

    1. I love it! Thanks! I'm sorry that it didn't come through for me to moderate until now...strange.

  5. Dog: It's alright. I'll always be here for you.
    Girl: aww your so sweet!

  6. Dog: I love people. You are a people. I love you.
    Girl: (nervous smile) Please don't eat or squash me!


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