Saturday, May 21, 2016

Quote Tag - 3

Alas, we have come to the end of this tag. Thank you all for joining me! Two of today's three quotes come from C.S. Lewis. (He has some amazing ones, you guys!)

In my case, it's a cup of coffee large enough. ;)

Once more, thank you Emily, Rebekah, and Jonathan. I had a super fun time doing these!


  1. More great quotes! :D (I agree on the second one – definitely coffee. ;)) I enjoyed each part of this tag, Bethany. :)

  2. Amazing....another three awesome quotes. Thanks for doing this tag! I loved every day of it! (Even though I read them all in the same day...blame my vacation for that. ;)

  3. I like these!:D
    The 2nd one would be more like a cup of cocoa for me. ;)
    Great quotes Bethany!

    1. Yay! Yes, I was torn between the coffee and the cocoa . . . .


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