Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Five Fall Favorites Book Party

Hello, all! I wanted to drop in quickly today to make all my fellow book-lovers aware of an amazing book party multiple authors are hosting and welcome you to my second favorite season of the year. It's time to curl up as the air grows ever crisper and read your favorite books.

You can view the main site for the party, Read Another Page, by clicking on the blog title. For two more days ten readers are sharing their top five favorite books in a different genre each day. This is the second annual party; and I enjoyed the last one. So far, this one is fantastic too! Maybe I'll even end up sharing some of my favorite books as well. Additionally, there's a huge book giveaway with a grand prize awesome enough to make any reader covetous. :) So come—join in the fun! Let's get in the book-reading, fall spirit. Once again, click HERE to participate in the party! Three cheers for books!

P.S. Stay tuned for a new blog layout in honor of autumn's arrival!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the party, Bethany! :D

    1. Of course! I really wanted to be a hosting blog this year but . . . oh well. Maybe I'll have more time next year. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Bethany! Did you sign up after last year saying you wanted to do it? I can't find my list from last year now, but I thought I had emailed everyone who had asked. If you are interested in doing it next year, let me know, and I'll put you down.

    1. I did sign up last year, and I believe I got the email, but over the last months my email hasn't been working right so I can't really reply. I'm definitely interested for next year! I signed up. :) Thank you!


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