Friday, March 13, 2015

Caption #9!

Drum role please...I was very pleased with the turnout of comments this time! Thank you to all you participated! I had an extremely difficult time deciding which one would win but in the end I came up with a tie—give a hand to RingNerd and Amy! I would also like to acknowledge Blessing Counter and my Grandpa (Randy.) All of your suggestions were really cute! Thank you to all! As of now, I will just continue to do these posts but if anyone wishes that I would stop, please let me know. Have a good evening, all! Oh, and for this post only, I am posting every single caption in a list after the picture. They were all so good that they deserved a post!

Here is the picture...

And here are the captions! (They are not necessarily in order of my favorites, however, my favorite four are at the top.) I am posting a comment of my own after their comment to the author of the caption.

First Place: RingNerd
"This is what i think of you posting pictures of me online!"
Super job, I think it fits perfectly, RingNerd!

Also in First Place: Amy
"Why did you give me cat food when I loved you and purred for you? I wanted the chicken you ate for dinner!" The cat sighs. "Humans never understand."
I chuckled at this one. It is so true of all cats!

In close second places are...

Blessing Counter:
"Hmph! Since when did cats go to school?"
It really does look like she is saying that, doesn't it!

Grandpa (Randy):
"Well..., I don't like you either!"
But I do like you...! (Love you actually!)

And all the others were super cute! Thank you all very much—I had a really fun time!

Grandma (Debbie):
"I don't always feel this way—I'm usually very lovable!"
 Sometimes lovable, sometimes not...;-)

"This air tastes good!"
Does it? I've never tried it...

Rishona Raub:
"Augh! I am not pleased with this food that you are feeding me."
Poor kitty!

"You are so mean I don't want to play with you anymore."
Me! I'm not mean...I want to play!

And last but not least...
Calamity Rene:
"Nyeh, I don't feel like talking to you anymore..."
Well then. TTYL. And if you feel like talking before to the hand! lol!


  1. I didn't enter this time, but I really enjoy these. Nice job everyone!

    1. I missed your caption idea, Faith. :-( But aren't they all so cute!

  2. Haha! These are all great!


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