Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fool or Wise?

Thursday evenings my dad teaches youth group at my church. At the last youth group Dad gave out a questionnaire worksheet with five questions:

  1. If someone asked you what a fool was (what makes someone a fool) what would you answer?
  2. If someone asked you what makes a person wise what would you answer?
  3. Is it possible for someone to be very smart but not very wise? Explain.
  4. Who is wise— the one who is wise in the world's eyes and a fool in God's eyes, or the one who is a fool in the world's eyes and wise in God's eyes?
  5. Which are you?

I challenge you to answer these questions. Only share the answers in a comment if you want to. Get out a piece of paper and answer them on there or copy the questions into a document and answer them there. Write them out, reflect on them. Do you want to be a fool in the world's eyes and wise in God's eyes or wise in the world's eyes and a fool in God's eyes?

Also I want to encourage my readers to see a movie that came out in theaters not that long ago called God's Not Dead. It is a wonderful movie. I would personally see it in theaters so that the entertainment industry will continue to make faith-based Christian movies as the movies that do the best in theaters will continue to be made.


  1. We went and saw that movie...It is seriously one of the most powerful movies I've ever watched!

  2. I love both God's Not Dead movies! And all the Kendrick brothers' films.

    1. Oh yes! Us young film makers could learn a ton from them! They have done such an amazing job with their movies!


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