Friday, March 21, 2014

A Magical Moment

Our cow Freckles touching noses with Dream.
A few weeks ago I enjoyed a small adventure on our property. Since I live on 40 acres, own two cows, one sheep, four chickens, four cats, and a horse, with practically no neighbors on our street, I get the full country life. So anyway, I saddled up Dream with my sister and parents and we rode Dream in our lower 20 acres. It was really fun as this was her first time in the “lowland” as we refer to it. She had only met our cows over the fence so she was as excited as could be to meet the cows face to face. As I rode her toward the cows and sheep, her whole body began to vibrate violently. At the time I thought it meant that she was scared but have since learned that that means that they are excited. I turned her around and began to walk away and as I did the cows and sheep began to come toward us. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous as I was on her and didn't know how she would respond and also, there are a lot of gopher holes in the lowland that I was afraid if she started to run she might step in and break a leg. However, after the cows and sheep followed us, I decided to let them meet. I once again turned her around and after a while, our youngest cow stepped forward and reached out her neck as far as she could. It was sort of like, “Hey! I want to meet you but am just a bit afraid. But my curiosity is getting the better of me. I'll just keep my distance.” I can understand why the cows would be a bit afraid because I'd never realized just the size of the cows until I was up on Dream's back. Even though Dream is considered a “pony” she is still a good size. I was looking down on the cows instead of up to them. It was practically magical to watch as they touched noses. I can tell you that I let out a sigh of relief as I realized just how relaxed Dream was since she was eating grass as she approached the cows!!! :P
A girl and her horse. . . and two cows and a sheep.

I just wanted to share this special part of my life with you all. Thanks for reading!


  1. Ahhh!!! Love the pics of you and Dream =D You have a treasure on your hands :)

    1. I most certainly do. She's great. It's feels sooooooooo good to have a horse!

  2. Wow that's awesome

  3. Love you! It is my joy to be Daddy to you and Abigail. God has blessed your mom and I!

  4. What a beautiful horse, and what a cool story. :) I do not live on such a large property, but I have been blessed by our fantastic farmers who let us ride in their fields, giving my sister and I access to several acres. I must admit, I'm jealous you can ride around cows, though. I have yet to encounter any, it looks fun!
    Great post, and Dream is a good looking mare. What breed is she? She looks Quarter Horse with maybe some Appaloosa in her to me. But I'm probably wrong. :)

    Like the blog a lot!

    -Calamity Rene

    1. She is a "POA" (pony of the Americas) so she's not quite full sized. She is Appaloosa. Not sure about the Quarter Horse. She has gone through at least two owners previous to us and somewhere along the way her papers got. . . let's just say, not passed on to us. :D

  5. That's so cute! You have a lot of land!


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