Sunday, April 24, 2016

Book Recommendation: Blessed Child

Several weeks ago, I told you that I read Blessed Child by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright (both excellent authors!) as one of ten books read in March. It was recommended to me by both my parents as possibly one of the best books they had ever read. That was enough recommendation for me. Within a few days, I'd started reading it and was captivated. The above link takes you to one of several locations on Amazon where you can buy it. It is the first of two books. I have not yet read the second book (A Man Called Blessed) but I hope to very soon.

The plot of Blessed Child follows an orphan boy who was raised in an Ethiopian monastery his whole life. He had never been outside it except for when he was a very young baby but he is forced to flee the monastery when enemies boldly attack. Relief expert Jason Marker and French Canadian nurse Leiah help him escape but don't realize Caleb's special power until later. As the world falls in love with Caleb, his enemies have to stop him before he destroys them entirely.

This story is amazing. In my book, this deserves the highest possible rating.

As I previously mentioned, the plot intrigued me to no end. At the same time that I was at the edge of my seat, I wanted to cry. Caleb's personality is so . . . innocent. It actually made me examine all the things that I might watch, read, or say that I don't think anything about. It amazed me how much of this is not necessarily bad, but it certainly is not innocent. It also made me look at my faith and compare it to this amazing boy's.

It challenged me at the same time that it thrilled me. The characters are well developed and the plot was fabulous. I would HIGHLY recommend it! You must read this. I know that you will thoroughly enjoy it.


  1. Wow. This sounds like an amazing book!!! Thanks for the recommendation, Bethany! I'll definitely have to read this one now. :) *adds book to the never-ending list*

    1. Yes, it was so good! You will really like it. :)

  2. This sounds uber intriguing!! Thanks for the review.

    1. You're welcome! I hope you enjoy it if you read it!


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