Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why can Christians believe in the Resurrection? Part 2

In yesterday's post, I covered the impossibility that Jesus had only passed out, not died. Today, I will explain why it was not possible for Jesus' disciples to steal his body from the tomb and then claim that he rose from the dead.

The Roman soldiers were placed to guard the tomb for this very reason. They wanted to stop the idea that Jesus was God's Son, not enable the disciples to steal the body and promote the idea that He resurrected. These soldiers were armed, highly trained men. The disciples could not have simply scared off the guards or fought them.

Paul recorded that Jesus appeared to more than 500 people after his resurrection—"most of whom are still alive." (1 Corinthians 15:6) In other words, "Go ahead and ask all these people! They DID see Jesus after he died." Five hundred people would not lie about seeing Jesus. They did see him after he rose from the dead.

Perhaps the largest proof that Jesus rose from the dead is the mere fact that nearly all of the disciples died martyr deaths. If by some chance they were able to steal Jesus' body, when faced with recanting their beliefs and saying that Jesus did NOT rise from the dead or death, would they continue with their ruse even though they knew that Jesus never rose? Or would they recant and explain that they stole his body and live? Even if one of the disciples did choose to die for the sake of their lie, eleven others would not do the same. Who would die for a lie?

After reading this, I pray that you can understand and explain why this theory that the disciples stole Christ's body from the tomb and then claimed that he rose is ludicrous. He is risen! (He is risen INDEED!) Tomorrow is the final post in this "trilogy" that discusses in greater depth the five hundred who saw Jesus after he rose.


  1. I like how you addressed this one. I had heard this theory, too, but I'd never thought about refuting it from the standpoint of the disciples dying awful deaths instead of 'fessing up. And the brevity with which you cover this makes it all the stronger!

    1. Thank you! To me, that is the biggest proof that they did not steal his body. Why die for a lie? I really appreciate your comments! Thank you!

  2. I have heard this 'theory' too, but I'd never thought about it in light of the disciples martyr deaths. Excellent point!


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