Saturday, July 18, 2015

LIFE Camp Verse Memorization

In August my sister and I are going to LIFE Camp again (you can read the previous two years posts about my time at camp by clicking here and here). LIFE Camp stands for Living in Faith Effectively, and rather than being an evangelistic camp it is a camp for youth who have given their lives to Christ and who want to grow in discipleship.

My sister and I are working toward raising money to pay for it by memorizing a given list of verses. We are asking our friends to sponsor us per verse we learn up to a certain amount, or just a set amount. Some have sponsored each of us at 10 cents a verse and others for more. Please feel no pressure to sponsor one or both of us but if God leads you, and if you are able, it would be greatly appreciated! All money goes to the camp, and any that we make over and above our total will go toward helping other kids go to camp next year.

If sponsoring interests you, please leave a comment containing which/both of us you wish to sponsor, the amount per verse (or a flat amount), a maximum amount (cap) if you want to specify that, and your name with email address. I will not publish the comment if it contains any of the above information. Another alternative would be to send me an email with the same information via the contact gadget on the right sidebar just below my blog header. You can use either method if you have any questions as well.

On August 8th, I will send out an email to those of you who choose to sponsor. It will contain the amount of verses memorized, your total, and my address to mail it to. You will make checks out directly to LIFE Camp, but mail them to me. Again, please do not feel obligated to sponsor me, but if you choose to, thank you!

The list of verses for us to memorize are as follows. So far I have memorized 15 verses. We will most likely not finish them all but are just working down the list.

Isaiah 57:15
Isaiah 44:6
Romans 6:6
Romans 4:5
Psalm 34:8
2 Timothy 2 (the whole chapter)
Philippians (the whole book, if we can . . .)

Thank you, Everyone!


  1. Sounds like a great camp, Bethany! I won't be able to sponsor, I'll be away from home next week and again the 7-15th of August.

    Have fun!

    1. Okay, have fun wherever you are going!


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