Monday, July 20, 2015

4th of July trip: Day 3!

The Wave Maker
This is post number two in a series of posts that I will be sharing with you about my trip to Pacific Grove to visit with my grandparents for the fourth of July! The trip began on June 28, and went through July 5. I wrote a little about each day to share with you complete with MANY pictures! The posts will be tentatively broken up into groups of two days per post. To visit the first post, click HERE. Enjoy the next day!

Note: Some of the pictures may not be in perfect order, or have a caption, or have another issue due to blogger malfunctions.

Day 3: 6/30/15
The Kelp Fish
After another walk with Grandpa, I returned home in time to say good-bye my parents who were headed home. After they left, I relaxed while watching my sister watch cartoons. However, I was not still for long as Grandma, my sister, and I soon were on the road to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where my grandparents are members. I love visiting the Aquarium—it never grows boring and you can never see it all! One of our first stops was to check out the touch pools. Of the Aquarium's three touch pools, my favorite is by far the bay ray tank where you get rather wet stretching your arms into the water with hopes of a brush of a ray's smooth back along your fingertips. Once we dried off, we made sure to visit the wave maker, where a glass is curved over the top of you and every so often, a wave goes over you and falls down where you can watch it while staying dry!

The Albatross getting trained
A Leopard Shark in the Kelp Forest
An eel and a lobster
Another of our favorite exhibits is the penguins! We arrived at their tank in time to get a good seat for the feeding where employees discuss their different penguins, their food, and their habitat. I enjoyed snapping photos of the penguins ducking under the water and jumping on land reaching up for a bit of fish! When the feeding finished, we moved onward to another exhibit but passed by the Kelp forest where they were training an Albatross that they had rescued! When that finished, we visited a few other spots and then headed home for a good night's rest after a long but exciting day.


  1. This looks similar to an aquarium we went to once in TN. Thanks for posting!

    1. You are most welcome! I love aquariums! Aren't they awesome to see God's magnificent creatures up close?


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