Monday, August 18, 2014

Caption This #1!

Hi Everyone!
Recently a blog that I really enjoy has started something that called "Caption This". I asked if I could use the idea and she said yes. It works like this: every other week (maybe a little sooner or later) I post a picture and in the comments, you put what you would caption it! It could be funny, serious, just whatever you want! Then at the end of one week (on average), I will pick my favorite caption and post it with the picture. Then the following week, I will post a different picture. And so on and so forth. I hope that you guys have fun! Just post your caption in the comments and sometime this week I will pick my favorite one!

Here is the first "Caption This" picture!
What is Dream and my sister thinking?


  1. Dream: Why does she want my mouth open?
    Your sister: Wow, That's a lot of teeth!

  2. Dream: Oh, yeah, like I really care if you have the Carrot Stick in your hand. Nope, not gonna back up.
    Sister: Awww come on! Parelli said this should work!!!

  3. Dream: What! I already had my dentist checkup this year!
    Sister:Whoa! That's so cool! I'm going to be a horse dentist!!!

  4. It's a contest between Dream and lil sis. Whoever laughs first loses. Dream is making faces and sister totally lost she's laughing so hard.


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