Thursday, May 14, 2015

Caption This #11, A Reminder, and the Answer

Writing Challenge: 
The due date will be next Monday, May 18. Within a week or two of then I will judge my entries and post the winners. May you all have fun!

Random Words Challenge Answer: 
For those of you who guessed which fact about me was wrong in the random words challenge post, here are the three facts and the answer of which one was wrong:
1: I have my own laptop.
2: My family owns 12 pets
3: I have watched the movie Soul Surfer
Four people thought that number 1 was incorrect. Four people thought that number 2 was false and only two people thought that number 3 was wrong. The answer is...number 1! I do not have my own laptop although I joke that my mom's laptop is mine since I am on it more than she is! As far as our twelve pets, we have: 2 cows, 1 sheep, 2 horses, 4 chickens, and 3 cats! And I have watched Soul Surfer. It is in fact, one of my favorite movies. I have not only watched it once, I have watched it many, many times! Thanks for guessing!

Caption This:
Here is your 11th picture to caption. In it, my little sister is hiding in her "fort." I hope you all have fun!


  1. AWWW! I have to wait another three weeks to find out the winner. Oh well. :) I LOVED your writing challenge, I had so much fun. I need to send you the picture that inspired my version of the story...
    Nice going! You had me fooled as to which one was false. I would have guessed you had a laptop, but it appears I am wrong. :)
    Thanks for the reminder! I don't have a caption for your picture, but it sure is cute!

    1. Yes, send me the picture! Actually, I think the date says next Monday.... If this goes over well with everyone else, I may post some more of these for my authors in the audience like you. Yeah, I figured that most people would think that I would have my own laptop since most people do. Thanks for reading!

  2. Little sister: Betcha can't find me.
    You: Oh yes I can

  3. Little sister: This is so much fun! Please join me!

  4. Hey, has anyone seen my socks?

  5. Bethany's little sisterMay 19, 2015 at 1:18 PM

    "Yikes! Is the snake gone yet ? Can I come out now?"
    "18, 19, 20. Ready or not, here I come! Hey, where did everyone go?"

  6. Mwaha I will never have to do my chores down here!

  7. Little sis: It is so nice to be out here away from the busy city and camera's. Uh-oh, there comes a camera! CHEESE! :D


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