Thursday, June 14, 2018

Caption This #13

By request, today I bring you a "Caption This" post. For those of you who are newer to my blog, this is a series of posts I ended in 2015 when people's interest seemed to taper off. But after a couple years, it's time for the thirteenth edition!

Here's how it works: Contemplate the image below, and decide a funny way you would caption it. Leave your suggestion in the comments (or email me) and I'll re-post the picture with my favorite caption. For some samples, click HERE to see the previous rounds. Have fun!

What's the lizard thinking?
I'm looking forward to hearing your funny ideas! Thanks for participating! I enjoy connecting with my readers through fun games like this. I'll post my favorite within a week. :) God bless you all!


  1. This sounds fun lets. "You" hey there little guy what are you up to?
    "Lizerd" looking up at you I've never seen a tree talk before!
    Hope this makes you laugh

  2. "I am the great human trainer!!!"

  3. Introducing ... The Great and Powerful Lizard of Oz!

  4. "Um, what is going on here?"


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