Thursday, June 21, 2018

Caption #13

Wow, that was a lot of fun! I didn't think I'd get nearly as many wonderful responses as I did! Thank you everyone who sent in a caption: Abigail, Alex, Amy, Arianna, Audrey, Carla, Danny, Debbi, Faith, Isaac, Kathy, Natalie E, and Samuel.

As I received each caption, I couldn't help but laugh. Some were similar, but all unique, and each one was so much fun to read! My favorite caption was sent in by Danny, but second place was tied between several of you. Here's Danny's caption:

I don't mind all the kisses, but how will I ever break it to her that I ain't turning into a prince?
Isn't that so funny? I can picture the lizard thinking exactly that. Thank you, Danny! Some of the other fabulous captions are below.
Amy: "Introducing ... The Great and Powerful Lizard of Oz!"
Alex: "I've never seen a tree talk before!"
Carla: "I know she can't see me, I know she can't see me . . . wait, I thought I was a chameleon—oh no, she sees me!"
Kathy: "How many times did you have to shed your skin to be that super?"
Samuel: "Are you Goliath?"

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Let me know if you'd like me to do another at some point. :)


  1. Aww! That's so cute! I'd love to see more and contribute if I think of something great.
    This was fun Bethany. :D

    1. Awesome! So glad you enjoyed! :) I'll have to do another sometime!

  2. Great post it was lots of fun to participate! Can't wait to see what's next to come!

  3. That was fun! You have a creative group of followers :)

    1. Yes! I certainly do! It's fun to connect with everyone. :)


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