Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Rainy Day Praise

Yes, it is early for most of you but, Happy Thanksgiving! (My family is celebrating it tomorrow. More on that in another post!) In this post I just want to lift a praise and remind you about a few things.

In the currently very dry state of California, it has been such a blessing to receive some rain over the past few weeks. It has been wonderful for me to watch the rain coming down and think about the predicted "El NiƱo" that is due this winter. I have so enjoyed watching the green grass poking up from the dry earth, and our yard, pasture, hills, and the surrounding area turning green this early in the season. It is so rare in this area to have a green Thanksgiving! Thank you, Lord for this wonderful rain! Thank you, readers, for your prayers. Keep it up!

As for the reminders:
1) The quilt raffle is December 6.
2) The writing challenge due date is November 28. (This Saturday!)
3) Have a great night!

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