Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day Q&A

Hey, that kinda rhymes! I thought that it would be fun to test your knowledge of Veterans Day! In this post, I will ask questions about Veterans Day, and you will comment with your answers! Some questions will be easier than others. I only ask that you do not look up the answers until after you leave your comment. I won't publish the comments with your answers in them until I do the answer post. That post will be published on November 15. Please leave your answers by November 14. Here are the questions:

1) What is Veterans Day?
2) What was its original name?
3) What year did it start?
4) What was its original celebration?
5) Who changed its name to Veterans Day and when?
6) What does the word "veteran" mean?
7) Which state has the most veterans?
8) At some time, Veterans Day was moved to another day. When was it moved? What day was it moved to?
9) When was it moved back to November 11?
10) What is the common mistake made by people who write this holiday's name?

Just copy the questions into your comment and below each question write your answer. I hope that you have fun! Remember to show your gratitude to any veteran that you meet! Each one was willing to give their very lives so that we could be free. Because there have been men and women such as these, we have the important freedom of religion. Imagine if we couldn't worship God freely like so many other people are faced with. What if whenever we prayed or went to church there was a danger of being caught and thrown in jail or martyred? I am so thankful to the many soldiers who have given their lives and were willing to give their lives for us! Most of all, thank you to the veterans in my community. Especially to my dad. Dad, thank you so much for serving America and helping to preserve our freedom!


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Bethany R.