Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family Dutch Oven Night

Dutch oven with chicken.
Last Friday, the 19th, my family and I had a quiet outdoor cooking evening together. We used our Dutch ovens and made a cornbread and chicken. The chicken was delicious as well as the cornbread, but it was the first time we had the chicken because Mom and Dad made up the recipe. However, we have made the cornbread multiple times.

Dad in outdoor cooking area.
The cornbread is a recipe called “Utah Moist Supreme Cornbread” that we modified a bit. As the title states, it is extremely moist. You almost don't need any butter or honey and it actually doesn't take that long to cook. Also, the cornbread mix is so large that you cut the dry ingredients in half and then add the rest of the ingredients (obviously cutting the amount of wet ingredients in half also) saving the other dry ingredients for another batch.

It is so special to have a break from our constant activities to enjoy family time. I think it is important to set aside time to grow in our relationship as a family and focus on each other. Although the food is good, the more important part of that night is family. I think God has given us family to love, respect, and to hold each other up. We need to honor that by doing just that. Thank you, God, for family.
Dutch ovens with briquets.

Dutch oven chicken (left) and cornbread (right).


  1. Can I have the recipe for the cornbread??? Our family loves cornbread, and this one sounds really good, it being moist and all!!! We probably wouldn't have to cut it in half though, because there's 10 kids in our family, so it would most likely get all :)
    By the way, all the food looks delicious, Yum yum!!!

  2. Everything looks yummy! Call us over the next time you're having cornbread :) One of my favorites! Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! Yes, that would be neat to get our families together for a "Dutch oven evening"! :)

  3. Looks like great fun! Family time is so special!


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